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Oil Change and Filter Replacement Dudley, MA

Getting an oil change is a simple maintenance task that is routine with every driver. If you have conventional oil, you’re likely getting a change every three months or 3,000 miles. Those with synthetic can go nearly double that time and distance. Along with oil changes, you will also need your filter replaced. Of course, these replacements don’t need to happen as often as oil changes do, but they are just as important when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.

Why Oil Changes and Filter Replacements are Important

Most drivers already know that the importance of getting an oil change is because oil collects debris. As oil gets used, it gets darker and eventually will pose a threat to the health of your engine. New oil is an amber color, and you can check the level and color of the oil in your car with the dipstick.

Perhaps you drive your car often and are wondering how the oil didn’t get dirty quicker than expected. This is because your oil filter is at work. Oil filters help keep some of that debris out of your oil so that your oil will last the full recommended time before the change is required. Once the filter is too dirty, it will no longer collect the grime. You may find yourself feeling the need to make an oil change more frequently if you have a bad filter. While replacing the filter at every oil change is a bit extreme, it is a fantastic preventative to mechanical issues relating to dirty oil. We recommend replacing your oil filter at least every two oil changes.

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