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Proper tire care and safety is simple and easy when you bring your vehicle regularly to McGee Toyota of Dudley! Our agents are here to make sure that your vehicle is well maintained from top to bottom, and that includes its tires! If you need urgent tire servicing for your vehicle, please call us at 508.943.7474 otherwise continue reading to learn what tire services we can offer you! 


Tire Pressure Monitoring and Correction

It's important that you have the best possible air pressure in your vehicle, as having tires that are under filled can lead to the tires failing outright. Thankfully, filling your tires to the recommended amount is quite easy, as it can be found in the vehicle’s manufacturing manual, which is often located inside of your vehicle. For those that don’t know their recommended tire pressure, or don’t have the manual, we at Toyota of Dudley will be happy to fill your tires as we work on other tasks! 


Restoring Tire Alignment on your Vehicle

Having your tires poorly aligned can be very bad for them, causing uneven and rapid tread wear. This should be corrected immediately, and across all tires regardless if it's front or back. This misalignment can be noticed by having a pull or vibration in your steering wheel while driving. Additionally, the balance of your vehicle can be thrown off, causing wear and tear in an irregular fashion. 


Rotating Tires as Needed

Rotating your tires regularly can help stop wear and tear on them, or at least irregular wear and tear. It can be difficult to know when to rotate, but it should happen every two oil changes, or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Consult our agents at McGee Toyota of Dudley while getting serviced to know if you need to have your tires rotated. 

To learn more about what services our department can offer you, or to have other services done, contact us at McGee Toyota of Dudley today! 

Toyota service Center
Toyota service Center




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