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If you are watching out for your budget or have some cash on hand, there are definitely benefits to saying, “I want to shop used cars near me”. However, without some protections that new car warranties and other dealership benefits can provide, you could face some unpleasant surprises when trying to find a pre-owned car that will be reliable and not result in major headaches with big repairs. At McGee Toyota of Dudley, we want to walk you through the pros and cons of buying pre-owned, and how to be sure that you’re truly getting a deal from a private seller or a dealership.



Why Buy a Used Car?


The chief concern when it comes to buying a car, truck, or SUV is cost, but it’s somewhat more intricate than that. The total cost of ownership of a vehicle includes the purchase price, the cost of interest added to your monthly payments, insurance premiums as well as maintenance and repair costs.


If you are considering sales or used vehicle specials near Dudley, you will benefit from the rapid depreciation in the value of cars after they have been driven off a lot. After a couple of years, a vehicle may cost 30 percent less than what it did new, and may or may not include a warranty for the remainder of the period from the original owner. In addition, buying pre-owned reduces your insurance premiums, as the comprehensive coverage is based on the total value of your vehicle. 


While you may be able to find a deal on a used car or SUV, you need to keep an eye on several things to make sure that you don’t face significant hidden costs.



What to Look for When Buying Used Cars:


When it comes to buying a used car, you can generally buy from one of three sources: a private seller, an online marketplace, or a dealership. There are certainly differences in prices but the differences in pricing also come with risks like lemons or future service costs.


According to websites like Kelley Blue Book and others, private sellers often offer the lowest prices when it comes to used vehicles. There's a reason for this, however. When you are shopping for a used vehicle from a private seller, you have to rely on their representations of the vehicle's history, including service records. That's why most people recommend that when you look for used cars from private sellers, you bring along a trusted mechanic or friend with mechanical knowledge who can help you inspect the vehicle to look for any potential issues. It's entirely possible to miss out on major concerns such as rust or powertrain issues if you are not careful where to look.


There are two other key concerns when it comes to buying from a private seller. One, it may be difficult to take out a loan in order to pay for a used vehicle because banks and other financial institutions often consider private sellers differently from dealerships. While you may get great terms for an auto loan if you bought new from an established company, you may only be eligible for a private and personal loan if you are buying from an individual seller.


These issues are similar when it comes to buying from an online marketplace. There are no guarantees of inspection or even whether cars are potential lemons or have been repaired as required for any manufacturer recalls. For those who are looking for fewer issues down the road, pun intended, buying from a dealership can offer significant benefits. Most dealerships offer a combination of used vehicles that either meet their manufacturers certified pre-owned programs or vehicles that have been traded in by other buyers who have looked for new cars.



Why Consider Certified Pre Owned Vehicles?


Nearly every manufacturer has its own certified pre-owned program, and McGee Toyota of Dudley is no different. Recently manufactured vehicles go through a rigorous inspection process where expert mechanics examine more than 100 elements of the car, truck, or SUV. Not only are parts that are worn out replaced, but the dealership works to bring these vehicles as close to the brand-new condition as possible.


There are two major benefits to this process for buyers who are considering used cars. The first is that you don’t have to worry about trying to find a mechanic or pore over a vehicle’s service history. Experienced technicians at McGee Toyota look over all systems from the powertrain to the wipers and everything in between. You will be driving off the lot in a car that looks and handles just like it did the day it rolled off the assembly line.


The other major benefit is Toyota Care and the maintenance of the warranty. You have access to the same roadside assistance benefits, scheduled service calls, and everything else that came with the vehicle when it was purchased new, up until the expiration of the limited and powertrain warranties. You can even choose to add extra care packages that will absorb the cost of scheduled maintenance or roadside assistance like flat tire repairs and jump-starting. Be sure to check with a sales member about what options are available for the CPO vehicle or vehicles that interest you.


In addition, you may be able to obtain preferred terms for a vehicle loan if you choose to go through the CPO program at McGee Toyota in Dudley. Our manufacturer’s financing program extends beyond new vehicles to ones that have gone through this rigorous process.



Used Vehicle Specials in Dudley


Regardless of whether you are considering one of the trade-ins that our service center technicians have inspected or a nearly-new certified pre-owned option, we recommend looking at our listings and main page frequently. We regularly run special deals on older vehicles on our lot to make way for new inventory and to meet goals that our team has set for itself.


And when you come in, regardless of whether you’re looking for new or used vehicles, you can compare our prices to independent expert CarGurus pricing for similar vehicles. That way you know that when you are ready to sign on the dotted line, you’ll be able to get a fair price and the satisfaction of the support from our team.



Why Shop a Pre-Owned Vehicle at McGee Toyota of Dudley


The sales staff, finance department, and service center employees at McGee Toyota of Dudley have been helping customers get behind the wheels of vehicles that fit their needs and budget for decades now. When you need reliability, shop our used or certified pre-owned vehicles by checking the listings or visiting our showroom.


We look forward to serving you like the other members of the McGee family, with great prices, stellar service, and vehicle and warranty packages that will have you feeling confident when you drive off our lots in your new or nearly new vehicle. When you think about searching “used cars near me”, work with Toyota dealers you can trust and choose McGee.