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Checking your car's engine coolant level is an important part of maintaining your vehicle. The service team at our Toyota dealership has put together a guide to help you with the easy process. Here are the steps you can follow to check your car's engine coolant:



Don't Overheat Your Engine


It is super important to make sure the engine of your new or used vehicle is cool. Never check the coolant level when the engine is hot, as the coolant can be under pressure and cause burns.

red 2023 camry side view at night

Once you have checked the temperature, Open the hood and locate the coolant reservoir. It is usually a translucent plastic tank with a "MIN" and "MAX" marking on the side.

Check the coolant level. The coolant level should be between the "MIN" and "MAX" marking on the reservoir. If the level is below the "MIN" marking, you may need to add more coolant.


If you need to add coolant, use a mixture of 50% coolant and 50% distilled water. Do not use tap water, as it can contain minerals and impurities that can damage the cooling system.


Slowly pour the coolant mixture into the reservoir until it reaches the "MAX" marking. Be careful not to overfill the reservoir.


Replace the reservoir cap and make sure it is tightly secured.


Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes. Check the coolant level again and add more coolant if necessary.

red corolla



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Remember to check your car's coolant level regularly, as low coolant levels can cause engine overheating and damage. If you are unsure about how to check or add coolant to your car, consult your vehicle owner's manual or a certified mechanic at our vehicle service center near Boston, Putnam, and Southbridge at McGee Toyota of Dudley!

April 10, 2023
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